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Developing the company over the past 10 years, the following priorities have emerged: Pipeline construction in connection with the construction of glass melting furnaces, including the working ends and feeders for gas, gas / air mixtures as well as compressed air and cooling water, including the required stations.

Current references





Ardagh Glass

Ardagh Glass
Drebkau GmbH / Ltd.



/ Ltd.


Gerresheimer Lohr GmbH / Ltd.
(formerly Spessart Glas GmbH / Ltd.)

Lohr am Main/Germany


Wiegand Glas GmbH / Ltd.




Pipeline construction, including the technical production systems for heating, cooling water, steam / condensate, compressed air, gases, including sanitary installations in the pharmaceutical industry, including the clean room areas

Current references



Dr. Pfleger
Chemische Fabrik GmbH / Ltd.


Dr. Kade
Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH


Fa. Intervet


Astellas Pharma GmbH /

Meppel, Leiden, Leiderdorp

TUTOGEN Medical GmbH / Ltd.

Neunkirchen am Brand/

Abbott GmbH & Co.KG


F. Hoffmann-la Roche AG




Biotronik SE & Co.KG


Daichi Sankyo Europe



References from previous years:

Dr. Pfleger in Bamberg
- cooling water system of the new building for production

  • cold water headquarters: 750 kW power with a chiller for indoor installation and external cooling tower
  • complete cooling system, including connection to the consumer

Schumacher Packaging GmbH - manufacturing plant in Forchheim

- heating system of the new building for production

  • heating system with
    • Gas blower 700 kW boiler
    • CHP 140/220 kW
  • office building space heating with radiators
  • heating of the production hall on radiant panels
  • heating of the warehouse on air heaters / Sliding door facility

Wärmeversorgung Neuhaus GmbH

  • Thermal route in the elementary school Neuhaus am Rennweg (Apelsberg)
    - Isoplus capillary tube DN 50 - DN 125,
    aprox. 700 m total length

Neue Glaswerke Großbreitenbach GmbH & Co. KG

  • construction of the glass tanks A + B
  • production of the gas mixture station
  • supply and installation of gas stations, gas lines, compressed air-lines, gas + air mixture pipes DN 15 - DN 200

Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart

  • construction of heating and cooling water system for the Department of Radiology
  • construction of an underground heating oil tank system with 25m steel tanks according to DIN 6608 with 100,000 liters complete with filling and discharge lines as well as complete security systems

Vattenfall Europe Generation AG & Co. KG
- pumped storage plant Goldisthal

  • installation of boosted water mains made of stainless steel
  • DIN 150 and SML and BML-lines
  • DN 100-300 in the caverns
  • installation of complete heating and plumbing systems for the office building and repair shop building
  • establishment of cooling centers for the powerhouse (2x270kW)
    and transformer cavern (280kW)

Stadtwerke Sonnenberg GmbH
– district heating plant Wolkenrasen

  • extension of the central heating plant with an 2,4 MW powerful HW boiler
  • installation of buried district heating lines with plastic jacket pipes in various sizes
    up to DN 250
  • construction of a CHP
    with 2 modules of the company Jennbacher:
    • Electrical power: 2x10 MW
    • Thermal Power: 2x1,2 MW
  • installation of temporary hot water pipes DN 250 as building preparation for the CHP
  • installation of district heating lines DN 250 (buried)

Schuller company, Steinach

  • establishment of a tank farm including the complete security technology as well as pumping equipment and the supply lines for phosphoric acid (tank capacity 5000 liters)
  • supply and installation of technological stainless steel piping systems

Daimler/Chrysler AG (branch Düsseldorf)

  • establishment of vacuum lines as well as pumping and control stations made of stainless steel according to DN15-DN250, welded design

Heumann Pharma GmbH (manufacturing plant Feucht)

  • construction of a cooling plant with a capacity of 1400 kW
  • supply and installation of heating and cooling water system including central reforming stations for high pressure steam and hot water as well as construction of high pressure steam systems for the construction of a new laboratory building

PPC Insulators

  • reconstruction of the forming station of the CERAM (electro ceramic manufacturing plant Sonnenberg GmbH) for HDD hot water from 1200 ° C with a nominal heat output of 5,0 MW

DWB Fiber Neuhaus


  • installation of gas pipelines,
    welded design
  • developing gas regulator stations and gas mixture systems for a glass tank system

Other realized projects

  • installation of vacuum pipes made of stainless steel and plastic for large refrigeration systems for the major construction projects:
  • EXPO Hannover

     University of Essen

    Volkswagen AG, Dresden



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