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About us

On 18 May 2001, Dieter Lukow, founder and managing partner of the GRW-Anlagenbau GmbH Sonnenberg at the opening of the present headquarters at Lindenbach 11 in Sonneberg / Thuringia, could show an impressive three-year track record since its inception in 1998.
It was Dieter Lukow who started with three employees the engineering company.
The GRW-Anlagenbau GmbH moved after just one year in the former administration building of the electrical equipment company EIO, only to plan a complete new building for the company GRW Anlagenbau GmbH, according to the steady improvement of the order situation, and commissioned local architect Martina Liebermann with the necessary details.

The now 18-GRW engineers and two apprentices/ trainees look after the company business in Germany and increasingly in the neighboring countries. In the first decade of the new millennium and only within a few years, Dieter Lukow with his team installed several new promising and successful business opportunities.

In addition to piping systems for industrial installations , district heating systems and cooling water systems , GRW-Anlagenbau GmbH also put up heating plants, cogeneration, central reforming stations, waste heat- and “incidental heat- utilization systems “ (the latest in environment technology), complete supply facilities for gaseous and liquid means, storage tanks and sanitary facilities.

This broad product range is supported by references from Bavaria and Thuringia, and by leading companies from Germany, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and from Austria.
GRW Anlagenbau GmbH, Am Lindenbach 11 , 96515 SonnebergThe larger and successful business reference objects of the first company decade, are the pride of Dieter Lukow as managing partner of GRW-Anlagenbau GmbH, especially the work for the new construction of the radiology department of the Robert Bosch Hospital in Stuttgart, the construction of pumped storage plant Goldisthal.

A special area of assembly activities and GRW competence, are the piping systems during the construction of glass melting tanks for gas, gas-air mixtures as well as compressed air and cooling water, including the required stations. Examples of this are the successful installations at company ARDAGH in Dongen (the Netherlands) and VETROPACK Austria GmbH, Kremsmünster, Austria.

The GRW-Anlagenbau GmbH is also specialized in piping systems , including the relevant technical production facilities at and in clean room areas of the pharmaceutical industry, for
example, Dr. Pfleger (Bamberg), Dr. Kade (Constance), Company Intervet (Vienna), Roche (Basel) or Biotronik (Nürnberg).

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